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OXYDERME Face Lotion


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Face lotion made up of hyalurnic acid and other vitamins

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The radio frequency allows to fight against the skin slackening of the face, in particular at the level of the oval and against the cellulite (stomach, buttocks, thighs).

The radio frequency allows to warm the dermis, what pulls(entails) a contraction of collagen fibers and a stimulation of the production of neo-collagen.

This device of radio frequency last generation allows to target the oval, the neck, the zones around the mouth or the eyes thanks to several pairs of electrodes, around different sizes, for a deep, checked(controlled), not painful action(share) and without risk of burns for the skin.

The use of the thermometer without contact allows to measure the heating(warm-up) necessary for an optimal care.


The cavitation is the first technique which gives the same results(profits) as the liposuction but without making use of the bistoury. The cavitation is going to destroy totally the fat cell and its membrane while the other methods limit to decrease the contents of fat cells.

The ultrasounds cause(provoke) the continual creation of microbubbles of gas in the interstitial liquid of the adipose tissue. These microbubbles increase ceaselessly in dimension(size) and when they arrive at their critical diameter, they implode engendering a micro-jet of energy. The energy engendered by this implosion favors the break of the membrane and the cellular walls of fat cells, so freeing(releasing) triglycerides also containing and causing there the separation of the heap of fat. Cells(units) and fluid greasy nodules are naturally transported thanks to the lymphatic system up to the big traffic(circulation).

Inclusive accessories

Probe of cavitation of 40KHz
Sound RF tripolaire for facial treatment(processing)
Sound RF quadriripolaire for physical treatment(processing)
Sound RF bipoalire with vacuum
Multipolar probe with diode laser for physical treatment(processing)



Arm (left internal).
Belly and side zones.
Riding breech(Jodhpur thighs) and legs (left internal).


Face, neck, low neck(cleavage).
Arm (left internal)
Belly and side zones.
Riding breech(Jodhpur thighs) and legs (left internal)
Sound Cavitation
The probe of cavitation will be used on the stomach hips
The inside of the thighs of knees and arm.
Energy of exit(release): 50w Working frequency: 40Khz

Sound bipolar radio frequency vacuum
The bipolar vacim probe will be used in physical for the care thinness and anti-cellulitique.
Intensité:1 in 5w Frequency: 5Mhz

Sound tripolaire and quadripolar radio frequency
The tripolaire probe will be used on the neck, the inside of arms and legs.
Intensity: 1 in 10w Frequency: 5 Mhz

Sound multipolar radio frequency with diode laser lipolyse
The sextapolaire probe (multipolar) will be used on the body, the stomach, the hips, the thighs, the knees, the inside of arms and thighs.
Intensity: 1 - 10 w Frequency: 5 Mhz

Technical characteristics

Frequency of cavitation 40 KHZ
Frequency radio frequency 3 there 5 MHz
Energy of exit(release)


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OXYDERME Face Lotion

OXYDERME Face Lotion

Face lotion made up of hyalurnic acid and other vitamins

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