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  • Domestic use device Cryolipolyse for treatment(processing) greasy bourelets, stomach, love handles, backs, arms, legs.. Membranes included to realize several care according to the chosen pack because membranes 28x28 cms can be cut to be used on 4 different zones. ATTENTION OURS(OUR) DEVICE IS ON NO ACCOUNT OF THE SAME RANGE AS THE SMALL DEVICES SOLD ON THE CLEAR(NET) TYPE(CHAP) CRYOFROST. Our device reaches(affects) a temperature of -14°Technical parameters: Voltage of entrance(entry): 220V / 50Hz 110V / 60HzVoltage exit(release) 12VLed: 24 units (contribute to a relieving congestion effect / anti-inflammatory drug)Consumption: = 60 wattsDevice delivered with 10 membranes pre-soaked 27X30cm single-useTemperature of exit(release): -14°Cooling: CPU airConformity: medical IT, ISO13485

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